W is for Waterfowl

I had the privilege a few weeks ago to try waterfowl hunting for the first time. My mother hates when I “run off with strangers”, but I was able to spend a weekend on Sedge Island in South New Jersey with 15 other women who wanted to learn more about being self-sufficient in waterfowl hunting. We were mentored by some of the Department of Environment Protection’s employees, and I wish there were more programs like these! I love meeting new people and going on adventures, and the most fun we had happened before we even got in the duck blind!

One of the state biologists taught us different techniques to identify different species of ducks, as well as some geese species. We had two different opportunities to hunt, and after the first hunt we were able to eat what we’d harvested, and it was absolutely amazing! I managed to harvest 3 brant (now that I know what those are) and gained the knowledge to differentiate multiple species of ducks even in flight. The whole weekend was such an awesome experience, and I would recommend it for anyone interested in hunting since a lot of states have similar introductory programs. It also allows the chance to connect with like-minded people and find a new hunting buddy or two. Although it was fairly cold and it may took a day or two for my toes to defrost, I would take experiences like these and relive them again and again.