Turkeys: Take Two

I can’t explain to you how utterly excited I am to hunt turkeys this year! If you’ve followed along, you’ll know that I started hunting about a year and a half ago in order to have access to the most organic meat on the planet. Last year, however, I didn’t harvest any turkeys after months of trying. This year, I made absolutely sure I’ll have my hands on some Toms.

In the hunting world, there are different accomplishments hunters can have, and when it comes to turkeys, they’re called a “Slam”. There’s the World Slam, Royal Slam and the Grand Slam.

Let’s break it down.

There are 6 subspecies of turkey in the Northern hemisphere: The Eastern, Osceola, Merriam, Rio Grande, Oscellated, and Gould’s. The World Slam is achieved by successfully harvesting all 6 of these subspecies. The Royal Slam is all but the Oscellated turkey, and the Grand Slam is all but the Oscellated and Gould’s turkey. This year, I’m working on completing the Grand Slam with the help of some friends I’ve met over the past year.

Right now, I’m on a plane headed to Texas so I can hunt the Rio Grande turkey. The cool thing about it is that my mom’s headed there too to film it! She may be more excited than I am, and is actually more curious about hunting and wild game than I expected. The best part of my hunting experiences have been able to share them with my family and people I love.

Prayerfully by the end of my trip, I’ll be headed home with more cargo than I came with, and a few good stories. Then in a few weeks we’ll get ready to head to Nebraska and do it all again.