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Last month I turned 27, and it was the first time in my adult life that I didn’t have to wear make up to cover up my skin issues. I can’t describe the feeling of having the confidence everyday to go to work with no foundation and get compliments on my skin!

Last year, I posted about what I started doing in order to say goodbye to my acne (you can read it here), but I wanted to dive deeper into the matter. After all, it’s been a lifelong struggle I know a lot of people can relate to.

After I started to clean up my diet, I started studying the body and how interconnected it is. I learned about how the skin will outwardly manifest internal issues, and really honed in on fixing those problems. Here are a few changes I made to really help clear up my skin after battling it for 15 years.

1) I Improved My Gut Health

This is the most important thing I did to get clearer skin. The vast majority of skin issues can be attributed to poor gut health. I struggled for years with gastritis, parasites, and poor digestion, but after I started juicing, taking probiotics, eating more cruciferous vegetables, cutting out dairy and processed foods, and letting go of the Standard American Diet altogether, my gut health tremendously improved and I got the skin I’ve always wanted.

2) I Stopped Wearing Makeup

Unfortunately, foundation aids a hormonal disruption cycle that can fuel the breakouts you may be trying to cover up. Foundation is full of emulsifiers, (chemicals that allow water and oil to mix) which are xenoestrogens that disrupt hormone balance, hence causing more breakouts when absorbed through the skin. I’ll admit, this was the hardest thing to do when all I wanted at the time was to hide behind my Fenty foundation, but it was definitely worth the sacrifice. It saved me some money, too!

3) I Balanced My Hormones

This ties into gut health, but making sure my hormone ratios were more stable helped my skin tremendously. My ultimate goal is to live off of natural herbs and no processed substances whatsoever. However, in the beginning, I had a great product that boosted hormone regulation while I cleaned up my nutrition. Coincidentally, that product is called Balance and you can find it here. As I always say, I’m not paid to push products, but I will freely if I believe in them. This product is aimed to help women with hormonal issues by increasing their levels of DIM (Diindolylmethane) which you typically get from cruciferous vegetables. It’s great for women with PCOS and other hormonal issues also.

Additionally, I made myself sweat more. Sweat is the fastest form of detoxification and helps flush out excess estrogen in the body. When I started working out, I didn’t sweat as much as I do now. That’s not a good thing. If you’re not sweating, your body is extremely toxic; holding in heavy metals and excess estrogen which can contribute to poor skin health.

4) I Made Collagen My BFF

I have supplemented off-and-on with collagen over the years due to a past knee injury, but decided to stick to it this time. Unfortunately, you’re not going to get collagen unless you’re eating bone marrow, and many of us stop producing it after age 40. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body; it lubricates joints and can stimulate hair growth and skin elasticity. It’s definitely helped me out in all of these areas and has helped make my skin look fabulous!

These are the most significant changes I made in order to get the skin I have now, which I’d say is about 95% better than it’s ever been. I know how it feels to lack confidence because you feel like a Crater Face, but I promise, it doesn’t have to last forever. Try to incorporate these things into your routine before you go buy the latest skin cream, and hopefully your skin and body will thank you for it.