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The Detox Paradox

As I’ve been helping more people with their various health issues, a lot of them have asked me about detoxing. They may want to lose weight, they could be having health issues stemming from heavy metal toxicity, or could even experience fertility issues. Believe it or not, your body makes toxins on its own. The society we live in only adds to that burden, leading to issues and symptoms. That leads people to detox. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all detox system that effectively works for everyone. While I’m gaining more hands-on experience, there are a few things I’ve learned that can help you too if you’re looking to drain toxins from your system.

  1. Detoxing is Individual Specific

The biggest mistake I made when starting to help clients detox was that I didn’t look at their individual situation. I neglected to consider the fact that I’ve been detoxing my own body for 3+ years now, not because I’ve wanted it to take that long, but because when I first began my health journey, I knew 10% of what I know now about the body’s detoxification processes and the systems that includes. Now with the knowledge I have, I’ve learned to slowly build a detoxing protocol rather than an all-at-once approach.

Another key factor when looking at detoxing strategies is that there is no quick fix. Think of it this way – you’re years old, and chances are you grew up on the Standard American Diet, just like me. So if you’ve never detoxed before in your life, you’re detoxing years worth of toxic burden on your body. That’s like trying to chug a gallon of milk. It’s not going to end well.

There are plenty of factors when looking at detoxifying the body. The most important is to evaluate the level of toxicity in your living conditions. An individual that lives in New York City will have a different toxic burden than someone living on a farm in Nebraska. There are a number of factors that will determine the specific protocol that will work best for someone, and throwing any and every herb in your arsenal (which I have admittedly done in the past) will not ensure a system cleansing, and may even lead to more debilitating issues.

2. Kidney & Liver Protection Is Key

One thing I had to be very wary of when I began helping my dad was kidney protection. Years ago, he gave his brother one of his kidneys, and it was that much more important to make sure the kidney that remained wasn’t overburdened while detoxing.

The liver is also a part of the body’s natural detoxification system, and it can be very easy to overload it because it will be performing more work than usual to help carry excess toxins out of the body. Liver support in any detox protocol is imperative.

3. It’s Easy to Build a Supplement Graveyard

I could sit here and tell you to go and buy XYZ tea, such-and-such herb, or some colon cleanse, but that probably won’t help your situation out that much. Hundreds of supplement companies are ready and willing to take your money for their products without letting you know the heavy metal fillers, xenoestrogens, and other chemicals you’ll also be ingesting that won’t help you get any better either. Whether you’re trying to get rid of your consistent headaches, your inability to control sugar and carb cravings, or you want to mitigate your PMS symptoms, you should ultimately know what you’re buying and WHY you’re buying it. The sad reality of that, however, is that most people aren’t willing to do the research to learn what their body needs.

So here’s the secret: there’s no one way to detox. Your body’s not going to need what my body needed, and that’s okay. That’s why the information is freely accessible and there are people (like me) who are willing to help. The first step is to take the first step.